Two US soldiers killed, six wounded in Afghanistan


Washington: The US military said Saturday that a man in Afghan uniform was firing at them with machine guns in Eastern Afghanistan, killing two American soldiers and injuring six others.

Colonel Sonny Leggett, an American spokesperson for Afghanistan, said in a statement that the incident took place in Nangarhar province after the United States and Afghan forces had completed an “important leadership struggle.”

Image result for Two US service members killed, six injured in AfghanistanLeggett added: “We are still collecting information and it is not yet clear why or why the attack took place.”

Mubariz Khadem, a senior security officer in Nangarhar province, said earlier on Saturday that clashes between US troops and Afghan troops were afraid of victims.

Internal attacks, often referred to as “blue-green attacks”, are a common feature of the Afghan conflict, although the frequency of such attacks has declined in recent years.

Nangarhar has a long and porous border with neighboring Pakistan and has long been the most important stronghold of the Islamic state, where militants have planned and bombed the entire country, especially the capital Kabul.

The Taliban also controlled parts of the Nangarhar province.

As part of a US-led NATO mission, approximately 13,000 US troops are stationed in Afghanistan to train, assist and advise Afghan troops and to conduct counter-terrorism operations.

The incident occurred at a delicate time, as US diplomats had been negotiating with the Taliban for months to agree on a schedule for the withdrawal of foreign troops in exchange for security guarantees.

Despite negotiations between the United States and the Taliban about the end of the war, violence in the country has not decreased.

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