Two suspects allegedly involved in Justice Aftab Afridi's murder arrested

Two suspects allegedly involved in Justice Aftab Afridi’s murder arrested


Police officials said on Thursday that two other suspects were arrested in connection with the murder of Justice Aftab Afridi and his family. The number of suspects arrested has increased to five.

A police officer said that the two suspects were both from Peshawar and they allegedly opened fire on the car of the deceased judge.

The unidentified gunman killed him at the Ambar junction on the Peshawar-Islamabad highway in the Swabi district on April 4, when Justice Afridi, who was travelling from Peshawar to Islamabad.

The FIR registered by his son, Majid Afridi, noted that Afridi had attended a wedding in Peshawar and was going to the federal capital.

Aftab Afridi’s wife Bibi Zainab, daughter-in-law Kiran, and her three-year-old son Mohammad Sanan were also killed in the attack.

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