Twitter to offer 'bounty' to find algorithmic bias

Twitter to offer ‘bounty’ to find algorithmic bias


Washington: Twitter said on Friday that it will provide cash “bounties” to users and researchers to help eliminate algorithmic bias on social media platforms.

The San Francisco technology company said this will be “the industry’s first algorithmic bias bounty contest” with a prize of up to $3,500.

According to Twitter executives Rumman Chowdhury and Jutta Williams, the competition is based on a “vulnerability bounty” program provided by some websites and platforms to find security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities.

“Finding bias in machine learning models is difficult, and sometimes, companies find out about unintended ethical harms once they’ve already reached the public,” Chowdhury and Williams wrote in a blog post.

“We want to change that.”

They said the hacker bounty model offers promise in finding algorithmic bias.

“We’re inspired by how the research and hacker communities helped the security field establish best practices for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in order to protect the public,” they wrote.

“We want to cultivate a similar community… for proactive and collective identification of algorithmic harms.”

This is because people are increasingly worried about automated algorithm systems, which, despite efforts to remain neutral, may still contain racial or other forms of prejudice.

Twitter, which launched the Algorithmic Fairness Program earlier this year, said in May that it was scrapping an automatic image cropping system after a review found a deviation in the algorithm that controls the feature.

The news platform stated that it found that the algorithm provides “unequal treatment based on demographic differences,” whites and men are more favored than blacks and women, and the “objectification” bias that focuses on women’s breasts or legs is described as “Male Gaze”. “

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