Twitter restores retweet functionality after effort to curb misinformation

Twitter restores retweet functionality after effort to curb misinformation


Twitter said that after months of trials to limit the spread of misinformation on the platform before the US election last month, it will resume its traditional forwarding function.

Twitter said in October it would prompt users to add a comment to a tweet if they tried to retweet. Users could still retweet if they didn’t add their own remarks, a practice known a quote tweeting.

Twitter Support said in a tweet on Wednesday. Twitter found that the use of quoted tweets has increased, but they usually contain little substance, with 45% containing single word confirmations and 70% containing less than 25 characters.

Twitter said: “We will continue to focus on encouraging more thoughtful zooming.”

In the weeks leading up to the November 3 election, social networks stepped up their efforts to deal with false information and suspended forwarding. During the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people rely on social networks for information about voting and the US election. At the same time, these sites are also full of misinformation.

Twitter currently adds tags to certain tweets if they contain misleading information about the coronavirus, polls and other topics. In October, Twitter users who tried to repost misleading tweets with tags began to see prompts that the tweet was “controversial” and contained a “find more” button to direct it to reliable information.

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