Twitch vows to fight racist 'hate raids'

Twitch vows to fight racist ‘hate raids’


San Francisco: Video game platform Twitch vowed Wednesday to fight “hate attacks” in response to complaints about harassment of women and players of color.

The shared video game and review platform owned by Amazon said it has updated its filtering tools to better detect hate speech in chat forums and is making more improvements.

Hate attacks involve a large number of streaming media comment boards with abusive remarks, sometimes using automated or “bot” accounts.

Twitch said in a series of tweets: “We have seen a lot of discussions about robots, hate attacks and other forms of harassment against marginalized creators.”

“You ask us to do better, and we know we need to do more to solve these problems.”

These posts are in response to complaints about racist and sexist attacks against Twitch anchors who do not appear to be white or male.

People who have suffered such abuse shared their opinions and stories on Twitter using the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter.

Sharers include Omega Jones, a Twitch anchor who uses the @CriticalBard handle in the channel on the platform.

“People like to act like hate attacks and follow the robot to say that some terrible (things) don’t exist,” Jones said.

He shared a video on Twitter showing that the chat forum on the screen was full of racist insults while he was playing games.

“When marginalized creators on this platform, especially people of color, tell you that Twitch needs to do better, just listen,” Jones said.

A Twitch anchor tweeted that all her friends had become the target of hate attacks and called for the platform to be made safer.

Twitch said: “We will introduce channel-level ban evasion detection and account verification improvements later this year.”

“We are working hard to launch these tools as soon as possible, and we hope they will have a significant impact.”

Twitch added that it is in contact with the anchor to learn more about the abuse.

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