Twelve charged in Germany with plotting mosque attacks, murders

Twelve charged in Germany with plotting mosque attacks, murders


Berlin: Authorities said on Friday that German prosecutors have accused 12 men of planning a well-funded armed attack on the mosque. They plan to kill or harm as many Muslims as possible in the mosque.

“They aimed through attacks on mosques and the killing and wounding of as many Muslims as possible to create civil war-like conditions,” prosecutors said in a statement.

Prosecutors said the suspects, 11 gang members and one accomplice, had met regularly to plan, with all but one of them pledging to contribute thousands towards a 50,000-euro ($59,000) pot to finance the purchase of weapons.

The suspects were between 31 and 61 years old and were all Germans. All but one of them were detained. The prosecutor in the southeastern city of Stuttgart said the twelfth is still at large.

Another suspect died while in custody. The prosecutor said he had committed suicide and there was no sign of foul play.
The official said that the “middle four-digit” cash was found in the suspect’s house.

In recent years, Germany has experienced a series of right-wing attacks against ethnic minorities and those believed to support minorities.

Members of the so-called National Socialist Underground were convicted in 2018 for a decade-long spree of murders of ethnic Turks. Last year, another right-wing extremist targeted a synagogue in Eastern Germany, killing two bystanders.

A suspected far-right sympathiser is on trial for killing conservative politician Walter Luebcke. Luebcke, a vocal supporter of Chancellor Angela Merkel, had called for refugees to be given the support and welcome they needed during the 2015 refugee crisis.

Far-right sympathisers have also been unmasked in the police and armed forces.

Far-right extremism is particularly sensitive in Germany because it is responsible for the genocide of 6 million European Jews caused by the Nazis in World War II.

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