Turkey targets Somalia for oil drilling 1

Turkey targets Somalia for oil drilling


Ankara: At the invitation of the Horn of Africa countries, Turkey will extract oil along the coast of Somalia, said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Somalia adopted a new oil law last week to attract more foreign investment in the energy sector and opened 15 blocks for oil companies that want to exploit the country’s hydrocarbon potential.

Turkey has increased its footprint in Somalia, especially since it started providing humanitarian aid to the country in 2011, and it has also concluded energy and resource agreements with African countries.

After signing a maritime agreement with Libya, it will start this year with the exploration of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean and reach an agreement with Niger to conduct mineral research and exploration.

“There is a proposal in Somalia,” Erdogan said Monday. “They said,” Our ocean has oil. You do these activities in Libya, but you can also do it here. ” It means a lot to us. ” Turkish engineers are working on infrastructure in Somalia, but contractors are increasingly the target of terrorist attacks.

Turkish officers trained local troops on a military base located in the Somali capital of Turkey, Mogadishu.

Anbras Nassir, an African analyst at the Ankasam think tank based in Ankara, said the drill offer in Somalia could be part of the return to reconstruction and humanitarian aid. But he also suggested that Somalia could use Turkey to compensate its regional competitors.

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