Turkey, Russia discuss a joint patrol plan in Syria’s idlib


Ankara: Turkey and Russia discuss possible joint patrols as a way to reach an agreement to stop fighting and prevent the escape of civilians in the Idlib region of Syria. Turkish officials said on Thursday that they were threatening military action in Ankara to overthrow Syria. Two days of electricity.

Turkey and Russia, who supported opposing parties in a nine-year conflict, failed to reach an agreement in the past two weeks after two rounds of talks.

The Syrian government’s offensive to wipe out the last rebel stronghold in north-western Syria led to some of the worst confrontations between NATO members Ankara and Damascus, and led Turkey to send thousands of heavy weapons and convoys to border areas.

Since the outbreak of the war, Turkey has taken in approximately 3.7 million Syrian refugees and said it could do nothing more with its borders, which are now closed. The United Nations says that more than 900,000 people have fled their homes in Idlib since the beginning of December, mainly women and children.

The Turkish official said that the negotiations with Russia were not “completely unclear”. The official said on condition of anonymity that progress had been made in the discussions, but that no final decision had been taken.

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