Trump's new impeachment team signals aggressive defense

Trump’s new impeachment team signals aggressive defense


Washington: One declined to prosecute Bill Cosby for rape, trading lawsuits instead with his alleged victim; another considered defending alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The two lawyers former president Donald Trump has hired to defend him in his Senate impeachment trial are confident, tough and media-honed criminal case experts who could liven up what is already set to be a nationally televised spectacle.

The day after the break with the original legal team, Trump reportedly appointed David Skohn and Bruce Custer to represent him in the trial on Sunday out of strategic considerations.

They have a week to develop a strategy to ensure that the former president receives enough support from Republican senators for the second time in a year to avoid conviction.

This should be easy: conviction requires a two-thirds majority of the 100 members of the Senate, and 45 of the 50 Republicans have expressed their belief that it is unconstitutional to try Trump after Trump resigns.

But according to reports, Trump has always insisted that President Joe Biden’s election victory was based on fraud.

That claim, despite there being no evidence to support it, propelled the violent assault on the US Capitol that forced Trump’s vice president Mike Pence to go into secure hiding and left hundreds of members of Congress fearing for their safety.

Arguing such a case could conceivably erode some of the already tenuous Republican support for Trump. The strategy reportedly contributed to the split with his original defense team.

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