Trump warns of cutting ties China with China over cornoavirus

Trump warns of cutting ties China with China over coronavirus


Washington: US President Donald Trump warned China that because the disease has more than 300,000 deaths worldwide, the United States may be cut off from its role in Beijing in the transmission of coronavirus.

Despite concerns about the second wave of infections, central and local governments around the world are relaxing the blockade orders because they are trying to make troubled economies function again.

But there was a warning on Friday that some of the world ’s poorest people are still the most vulnerable, and predicted that if emergency action is not taken, one in ten Africans will be infected.

Cases were found in the world ’s largest refugee camps, highlighting the link between poverty and risk, where more than one million Rohingya lived in dirty places.

“We are looking for the real prospect that thousands of people in these camps may die from COVID-19,” said Shamim Jahan, the health director of Save the Children Bangladesh Bangladesh.

Jia Han said: “At present, there are no intensive care beds in the camps at the Cox Fair.”

The tracking team launched follow-up activities on Friday to conduct two positive tests.


Epidemiologists have long warned that the virus may spread in narrow alleys where camps are saturated with sewage. For more than two years, the persecuted Muslim minority has lived there since it fled the military offensive in neighboring Myanmar.

Social isolation is almost impossible at such a short distance, and health experts say only vaccines can prevent widespread infections.

Although scientists are working hard to achieve this goal, experts say that there may be months or even years before the goal.

Without a strong roll-out plan, even highly developed countries may find it difficult to take advantage of any breakthroughs.

In the United States, the man responsible for developing vaccines told members of Congress that the Washington government has no “master plan” to fight the pandemic, nor is it prepared to distribute enough vaccines to immunize millions of Americans.

Rick Bright, who was resigned from his job last month, said: “We don’t have a single leadership right now to respond to this.”

“Disappointed with China”

The United States has recorded nearly 86,000 COVID-19-related deaths, which is the highest number of casualties among all countries and accounts for one-third of the total number of known infections worldwide.

In an interview broadcast on Thursday, Trump again accused Beijing of covering up the true scope of the problem after the virus appeared in Wuhan late last year.

He said: “I am very disappointed with China. I will tell you now.”

When asked how the United States chose to retaliate against what he called “the plague from China,” Trump said: “We can cut off the entire relationship.”

The United States and China are the two largest economies in the world, carrying out hundreds of billions of dollars of mutually beneficial trade each year.

Nonetheless, in the year when frustrating news has become a matter of urgency for the general election, the US President is still eager to make Beijing an enemy plane.

New data shows that another 3 million people are unemployed, bringing the new unemployed to 36.5 million, accounting for more than 10% of the US population.

The survey shows that more than one-third of them will have difficulty paying their bills.

Due to the tax shortage caused by unemployment, states are cutting budgets, and California announced a deficit of $ 54 billion this year.

The German Ministry of Finance also expects a big loophole in its budget, which will reduce taxes by about 100 billion euros by 2020.

Europe ’s largest economy has fallen into recession, and this year ’s GDP is expected to shrink by 6.3%, the largest contraction since 1949.

‘We may need more graves’

Most parts of Europe seem to be in the worst position, and more parts of the continent are open.

Austria and Germany are expected to open their borders on Friday, while Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will establish their own “Baltic Mini Schengen” to allow free movement between these three countries.

But in Latin America, this news looks more and more terrible.

With the soaring infection rate and the blockade of Santiago beginning Friday, thousands of new graves are being excavated in the main cemetery in the Chilean capital.

The cemetery director Rashid Saud told AFP: “We realize that this is a historic moment and we may need more graves because we have seen the situation in other countries.”

The virus spreads slowly in Latin America, but the number is rapidly increasing.

The World Health Organization warned on Friday that so far, Africa seems to have gotten rid of the most serious disease, which is a hot spot waiting to happen.

Researchers say that the fragile health system on the world ’s poorest continent may soon be overwhelmed, and its models suggest that 231 million people may be infected.

The study was published in the “BMJ Global Health” magazine, the study is expected to cause about 150,000 deaths.

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