Trump threatens to 'close down' social media after tweets tagged

Trump threatens to ‘close down’ social media after tweets tagged


Washington: US President Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday that the social media platform was shut down after Twitter first acted on his false tweets, prompting angry Republicans to pay more attention to unfounded claims and conspiracy theories.

Presidential aides say Trump will sign an “social media-related” executive order on Thursday, but did not provide more details about its content.

Twitter tagged two of his tweets, in which he claimed that more mail-in votes would lead to his “elections” in November.

There is no evidence that someone tried to manipulate the election, and Twitter posted a link under the tweet, which reads: “Get the facts about mailing ballots.”

For years, Twitter has been accused of ignoring the president ’s violation of the rules of the president ’s platform, and personal insults and inaccurate messages he sends daily (usually once an hour) are sent to more than 80 million followers.

However, Twitter’s wrist is enough to cause Trump to cause an uproar on Twitter. He declared on Twitter that American political rights are being reviewed.

He said: “Republicans believe that social media platforms have completely silenced the voices of conservatives. Before we allow this to happen, we will strongly regulate or shut them down.”

He immediately returned to the narrative, and the increase in mailed ballots (considered to be essential in allowing people to avoid crowd support during the COVID-19 pandemic in some states) would disrupt the election.

Trump wrote: “In cheating, forgery and theft of votes, everyone is free.” Trump’s re-election campaign was cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

His irritated tweet torrent won ten hot topic tags: #TrumpMeltdown.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also chimed in, telling Fox News that his social network (still the largest social network in the world) has adopted different policies.

Zuckerberg said in an interview clip published online by Fox on Wednesday: “I just firmly believe that Facebook should not be the arbiter of the truth of everything people say online.”

“I think that in general, private companies, especially these platform companies should not do this.”

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) counterattacked on his platform on Wednesday night, saying the site’s efforts to point out misinformation did not make it an “arbiter of truth.”

He tweeted: “Our intention is to connect every bit of the contradictory statement and display controversial information so that people can judge for themselves.”

He carefully studied the new policy and wrote: “Fact check: Someone is ultimately responsible for our actions as a company. That is me. Please do not ask our employees to do so. We will continue to point out errors or Controversial information on global elections. We will recognize and own any mistakes we make. “

“Blatant lies”

Kate Ruane of the American Civil Liberties Union said Trump has no right to regulate Twitter.

She said the constitution “explicitly prohibits the president from taking any action to prevent Twitter from pointing out his blatant lies about voting by mail.”

For all his protests, Trump is a political giant on social media.

By contrast, his Democratic opponent Joe Biden has only 5.5 million Twitter followers.

Social media suits Trump’s unconventional communication style, and his preference for conspiracy theories, rumors, and playground-style insults.

Now, facing Barack Obama’s Vice President Biden, Trump once again used Twitter to attack his popular predecessor.

He said vaguely that the Democrats were part of a “coup” attempt at the beginning of his ruling, and that the president has a Twitter tag-#ObamaGate-the president uses it regularly.

Twitter ’s preference for conservatives is in line with the White House ’s claim that the billionaire president remains an outsider politician against the elite.

When Biden was disgusted by Trump ’s widespread dissatisfaction with the pandemic, this row was a useful smokescreen, and the disease has killed more than 100,000 Americans.

Polls have always shown Biden to be in a good position, although he has barely left home during weeks of social evacuation measures-and his relatively meager social media profile.

An unrepentant Trump also continued to spread conspiracy theories about a famous television critic Joe Scarborough on Wednesday. President Scarborough deceived him by accusing him of murdering a woman in 2001.

There has never been evidence that Scarborough, the presenter of MSNBC, is related to the death of Lori Klausutis, a staff member who served in his office when a Republican member of Parliament.

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