Trump sets hectic campaign pace, while frontrunner Biden stays home

Trump sets hectic campaign pace, while frontrunner Biden stays home


Janisville: President Donald Trump campaigned for the three states at a frantic pace on Saturday. The trip began with a rally in Michigan. He called his opponent Joe Biden a “criminal” and blasted his claim that the Democratic Party is anti-American of.

Trump delivered a speech at a rally in Muskegon, Michigan, and focused on the theme of the American culture war, and expressed to a large crowd of cheers that the Democrats wanted to “erasing American history, purifying American values, and Destroy the American way of life”.

Moreover, he intensified his increasingly fierce attempts to portray Biden as corrupt, overturned the conspiracy theories that led to his impeachment, and published a new, vague report in the New York Post. It aims to reveal evidence of corruption of Biden’s son Hunter.

“Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and the Biden family is a criminal enterprise,” Trump said to more cheers.

“He’s a criminal, he’s committed crimes,” he said. “He’s a national security risk.”

Trump — who was impeached for allegedly abusing his office in an attempt to find dirt on Biden, and later acquitted — had the campaign trail all to himself just 17 days before the election.

He flew to Wisconsin, which was the target of the resurrection of the US coronavirus, where he said to Janesville’s cheering supporters: “I do this for us, not for me, trust me.”

Trump ended the day in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will hold another rally in Carson City on Sunday.

“President Trump’s strategy is to work for the vote of the American people,” his spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said on Fox News.

“It’s why he’ll be in two states today, he’ll have two rallies tomorrow, two more in Arizona on Monday, and he’s going all in.”

Biden conducted a low-key campaign, but was in a leading position in a series of polls. He stayed at his home in Delaware without any public activities. He was scheduled to run in North Carolina on Sunday.

The current Republican congressman was discharged from hospital two weeks ago after he fell ill due to Covid-19. He is planning to keep pace in the final stages of the campaign and will rallies almost every day, hoping that his diehards can change a huge number.

The enthusiasm on Saturday is obvious. The crowd yelled “We love you”. Encouraged by Trump, they chanted “Lock her up”, referring to the latest target of the Democratic governor-right kidnapping conspiracy in Michigan.

Closing after 90 minutes, Trump remained on stage briefly to dance to the sounds of Village People’s “YMCA.”

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