Trump removes top official of coronavirus response committee 1

Trump removes top official of coronavirus response committee


Washington: President Donald Trump has removed the position of Inspector General from the Coronavirus Response Committee.

After removing recently appointed officials responsible for overseeing the government’s $ 2.3 trillion coronavirus response, Congress expressed concern over the relief plan.

This is the Republican President’s last opposition to the federal oversight body, which kicked it out of the IG into the intelligence community on Friday and criticized the head of the Department of Health and Human Services in an attempt to eliminate government waste, fraud and abuse to ban.

Glenn Fine, as Inspector General for the Department of Defense, was appointed chairman of a committee responsible for the federal government’s response to the new corona virus last week, including health policies and the largest economic aid program in U.S. history.

But the spokesman said Trump has since appointed the Inspector General of the Environmental Protection Agency as the new acting Pentagon IG, which means Finn has no authority to monitor the coronavirus package, the “Caring Act.”

Poliitico first reported on Fine’s resignation, saying that he would resume his position as Chief Deputy Inspector General of the Pentagon.

Congressional Democrats said his resignation in less than a week after being appointed Fine strengthened their determination to strictly follow the massive spending plan passed last month to support the country’s economic development in response to disease.

Home speaker Nancy Pelosi called it “part of Trump’s disturbing pattern of revenge.”

“We will continue to exercise our oversight to ensure that this historic investment of taxpayer dollars is being used wisely and efficiently,” she said in a statement.

Trump largely ignored the question of Fine’s resignation, saying it was his prerogative. He recently nominated a number of people to Bureau IG and hinted that he would exempt his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama.

“We have a lot of IGs in from the Obama era. And, as you know, it’s a presidential decision,” Trump told reporters.

The tax incentive bill releases large sums of money for households and businesses and has created three supervisory organizations, consisting of federal officials and legislators. Pelosi announced last week the fourth supervisor, the limited committee of the House of Representatives.

The White House said on Friday that Trump plans to nominate Jason Abend, a senior policy advisor to the Customs and Border Protection Agency, as Inspector General of the Pentagon.

It also said that Trump plans to nominate White House attorneys, former General Services Administration IG Brian Miller (Brian Miller), as Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery, responsible for overseeing treatment of funds by the Ministry of Finance.

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