Trump predicts victory in call with campaign staffers, suggests race has turned in last 3 weeks

Trump predicts victory in call with campaign staffers, suggests race has turned in last 3 weeks


President Trump on Monday predicted said he is “going to win” on Nov. 3, saying the campaign has “never been in a stronger position.”

During a call with campaign staffers, the president said, “We’re going to win, and we’re going to win strong.”

“I wouldn’t have told you that two or three weeks ago,” Trump said. “I am more excited today than I was two weeks ago.”

He added: “Two weeks ago, I was in the hospital, and people were shocked that I came out so fast and so healthy — it’s not the easiest thing to do, folks.”

Earlier this month, the President tested positive for the novel coronavirus and was hospitalized for several days at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and completed rehabilitation and treatment at the White House.

“Ladies and gentleman, young women and young men, you have a great future,” Trump said. “I am very happy, this is the day of both campaigns that I feel the best about winning. Because we’re winning in many states.”

The president touted his performance in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Iowa, and said he has “a really good shot in New Hampshire.” The president also said his campaign is “leading in Michigan with early votes,” calling it “unheard of.”

The president also said that he believed he could win in New Mexico and Minnesota, which he referred to as the “non-traditional” state for Republicans.

“We’ll run up the coast — we’re going to get Florida, South Carolina, Georgia — we’re doing very, very well,” Trump said. “We are in the best shape we’ve ever been in.”

Campaign officials added on the phone that Trump’s campaign “internal polls showed that the team had a clear path to victory within 15 days before election day.”

The official added that Trump was “closer” and added that “history certainly seems to be begging itself to repeat.”

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said that the team’s “trend line is very strong,” while promoting grassroots campaigns and ground competitions in major states across the country.

Stephen continued to claim that the Democrats “get no return at all” in their absence and early voting.

The president said that “if an election were held today, we win the election.”

“We have states that are tippy, can go either way — I have the ability to go to those states and rally — Biden doesn’t have that ability,” Trump said, adding that his Democratic opponent has “no enthusiasm.”

The president then moved and lashed out at Biden, alleging the latest news about his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the former vice president’s alleged knowledge of these transactions.

Trump said the former vice president “should be in jail,” calling him a “criminal” and Biden’s laptop a “criminal enterprise.”

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