Trump fires State Dept watchdog investigating Pompeo

Trump fires State Dept watchdog investigating Pompeo


Washington: A Democratic Congressman said that the government oversight agency that Donald Trump fired suddenly was investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who accused the president of committing potentially illegal acts of retaliation.

The State Department confirmed that the inspector general, Steve Linick, was disbanded on Friday night, but gave no reason for leaving.

Eliot Engel, head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he learned that Linick had investigated Pompey.

A member of Congress said in a statement: “Mr. Linnick was fired in such an investigation, which strongly suggests that this is illegal retaliation.”

A Democratic congressional aide who asked not to be named said Linnick was investigating complaints about Pompeo ’s abuse of politically appointed personnel to perform personal tasks for himself and his wife.

Washington ’s top diplomat has attracted attention for traveling around the world on business jets with his wife Susan Pompeo, who has no official position.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Linick was punished for performing his duties to protect the constitution and national security.

Pelosi said: “The president must stop taking revenge and retaliation against civil servants who are committed to maintaining the safety of Americans, especially during global emergencies.”

Longtime prosecutor Linick was appointed by Trump ’s former President Barack Obama in 2013 and is responsible for overseeing the $ 70 billion US diplomatic tycoon.

A State Department spokesman said the new inspector general will be Stephen Akkad, a former assistant to Mike Pence, vice president of his home state of Indiana.

Since last year, Akard has been the director of the Office of the State Council ’s Diplomatic Mission, which handles relations with US diplomats.

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