Trump ditches hopes of quick virus bounce-back for US 1

Trump ditches hopes of quick virus bounce-back for US


WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump has scrapped Sunday’s schedule for normal life in the United States, extending the ban on coronavirus by another month, while Spain suffered its deadliest day.

Trump, who had hoped to quickly reopen most of the United States, said the country’s death rate could last two weeks and announced the implementation of the “social alienation” guidelines by at least the end of April.

More than 40% of people worldwide must stay at home to prevent the deadly disease from spreading, which has claimed 33,880 lives.

The hospital quickly provides medical services to patients in Europe and the United States. The outbreak now begins in Asia, but has disrupted the global economy and people’s daily lives in unprecedented ways.

Spain announced the death of 838 people in 24 hours, the third consecutive day of emergence.

The United States has witnessed an explosive increase in coronavirus cases, including cases that doubled in just two days, with New York being hit hardest.

Trump said the better that Americans obey the emergency guidelines to stay home “the faster this whole nightmare will end.”

“Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won,” Trump said, altering his previously upbeat tone.

He said he expected the country to be “on the road to recovery” by June 1, abandoning the previously set target of mid-April.

He added, “We will defeat this invisible curse, this invisible enemy.”

Senior American scientist Anthony Fauci made preliminary predictions that COVID-19 could cost 100,000 to 200,000 lives – a number Trump called “ terrible. ”

According to the AFP database, as of Sunday, more than 3.38 billion people were needed or ordered to take containment measures because the virus infected all aspects of life, destroyed millions of jobs, postponed elections and suspended the sports world. A moment.

The worst hit Italy has 10,779 deaths, while Spain has 6,803 deaths, which together account for more than half of the world’s death toll.

Both countries are hopeful that they are approaching the height of the crisis ….

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