'Trump Death Clock' counts preventable US coronavirus deaths

‘Trump Death Clock’ counts preventable US coronavirus deaths


New York: A new billboard on New York Times Square shows that if President Donald Trump took early action, his creator said he could avoid the number of people in the United States dying from coronavirus, and this is the “Trump Death Clock.”

The “clock” created by filmmaker Eugene Jarecki was installed on the roof of the Times Square building and was empty due to the pandemic. As of Monday, the counter showed that out of a total of more than 80,000 people, more than 48,000 people died, the highest in the world so far.

Assuming the Trump administration implements mandatory social alienation and school suspension before March 9 (rather than March 16), it is equivalent to assuming that the United States could have prevented 60% of COVID-19 deaths. This “clock” tick Ringing. , Jarecki explained in the Medium post.

The New York-based film producer has won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival. He explained that according to the comments of mid-April of Anthony Fauci, a major infectious disease expert in the United States, experts The conservative estimate is 60%.

Fossi has become a trusted face in the government ’s response to the virus. He once said that if “if you start mitigating earlier, you can save lives.”

Jarecki wrote in his “Chinese Journal”: “Life has unnecessarily lost demand, and we seek more responsible crisis leadership.”

“Just like engraving the names of fallen soldiers in memorials to remind us of the cost of war, quantifying the number of people killed by the President’s delayed coronavirus response will play a vital public role.”

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