Trump cuts ties with WHO mid-pandemic, as Europe speeds reopening

Trump cuts ties with WHO mid-pandemic, as Europe speeds reopening


Washington: US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he is severing ties with the World Health Organization, which marks the advent of the deadly corona virus pandemic, and UN agencies have received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.

After months of severe blockades, as Europe accelerates along the path of reopening, Trump ’s actions may be frustrating, especially in other parts of the world where the epidemic has not yet peaked.

Russia ’s death toll reached a record level last Friday, and several countries in Latin America are facing difficult weeks, especially in Brazil, where the number of casualties has surged.

Last month, Trump suspended funding for WHO, accusing the organization of not doing enough to curb the initial spread of new coronaviruses and being too forgiving of China, which started a global outbreak last year.

Last Friday, he announced this decision, which is permanent. This is a terrible decision for the finances of United Nations agencies, because the United States is by far the largest donor of the United States, and it provided $ 400 million last year.

Trump told reporters: “Because they failed to carry out the required and much-needed reforms, we will end our relationship with the World Health Organization today.”

The Republican leader said that the United States will transfer funds previously allocated to WHO “to other parts of the world and should meet urgent global public health needs.”

Trump said: “The world needs China to provide answers to the virus. We must remain transparent.”

Beijing has violently denied allegations that the United States alleviated the threat when the virus appeared in Wuhan, China, and insisted that the virus is coming.

So far, this pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 362,000 people and hit the global economy.

As the virus continues to travel around the world-more than 5.8 million cases-people are learning to adapt to life threatened by chronic infections, and vaccines are still elusive.

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