Trump campaign loses legal fights in Georgia and Michigan, vows Nevada lawsuit

Trump campaign loses legal fights in Georgia and Michigan, vows Nevada lawsuit


US President Donald Trump’s campaign lost court rulings in the highly competitive Georgia and Michigan states on Thursday, even though it vowed to file a new lawsuit challenging Nevada’s alleged voting violations.

In the Georgia case, the election campaign accused of mixing 53 late ballots with on-time ballots. In Michigan, it tried to prevent non-counting votes and gain more access to the watchmaking process.

The state judge dropped the two lawsuits on Thursday.

James Bass, a Superior Court judge in Georgia, said there was “no evidence” that the ballots in question were invalid.

In the Michigan case, Judge Cynthia Stephens said: “I have no basis to find that there is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits.”

A Trump campaign spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment on the Michigan and Georgia rulings.

Trump’s allies also claimed voting violations in the populous Clark County of Nevada (including Las Vegas).

Among the three battlefield states that can determine the presidency, the votes of these three states are still being calculated. Democratic challenger Joe Biden has a small lead in Nevada, Trump has a small lead in Georgia, and Biden is expected to win in Michigan.

At a press conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and other Trump campaign representatives, including former administration official Richard Glennell ( Richard Grenell), did not provide any evidence to support their allegations of violations, and did not answer reporters’ questions.

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