Trump, Biden battle for Florida on same day as race nears end

Trump, Biden battle for Florida on same day as race nears end


Miami: President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden will rally in Tampa, Florida on Thursday. Only a few hours apart, the electorate’s campaign road was crossed for the first time because the rivals went crazy for the White House. The last days.

Florida is a must-win award, and opinion polls show that candidates are in a life-and-death situation in the third largest state in the United States. Since 1964, the state has kept pace with the winner in every presidential election, with one exception.

In contrast, the candidate’s activity is definitely a study. Trump basically has no masks in the afternoon and crowds of supporters gather, while Biden held a social gathering later in the evening.

A day ago, Trump was frustrated in Arizona, and Biden voted in his home state of Delaware and met with health experts. At that time, he adjusted the pandemic response plan to reassure voters that he would use science to fight against infectious disease.

As a wave of resurgence cases reached record levels, the virus killed more than 227,000 people in the United States and forced millions of people to lose their jobs.

“I’m not running on a false promise of being able to end this pandemic by flipping a switch,” said the 77-year-old former vice president, who has a strong lead in opinion polls.

“But what I can promise you is this: We’ll start on Day 1 by doing the right thing. We’ll let science guide our decisions.”

Last Saturday, Biden will get some star power in the ranks of Barack Obama in Michigan as vice president.

This will be their first personal appearance in the 2020 election, even though Obama has been providing strategic timing broadsides in Trump’s hands.

In contrast, Trump completed his campaign in an extreme test of endurance and finally tried to catch up in a swing state, claiming that he won in 2016 but must now be defended.

After rallying supporters in three states on Tuesday, Trump, now 74, spent the night in the fourth state of Nevada and then flew to Arizona to hold two more rallies.

On an airport tarmac in Bullhead, Arizona, Trump almost ignored the Covid-19 crisis, and many supporters did not put on a mask because they expressed his tenacity for the overwhelming victory on November 3 adhere to.

“It’s going to be a great, great red wave,” he boomed, referring to the Republican color.

“We love you! We love you!” the enthusiastic crowd chanted back.

At another rally, in Goodyear, Arizona, Trump predicted he’d repeat his 2016 upset, saying: “We’re going to have an even bigger surprise in six days.”

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