Trump, Biden barrel through key states on final weekend before vote

Trump, Biden barrel through key states on final weekend before vote


Washington: Just days away from the US presidential election on Tuesday, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and their supreme representative system are in full swing in key states of Michigan and Pennsylvania on Saturday, as they make their final arguments. Deep into the hearts of the people.

This high-stakes game is moving towards the largest voter turnout in at least a century, highlighting the high stakes and the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, with a record 90 million early votes.

For the first time since the start of the campaign, the 77-year-old Biden will be on the Michigan stage by his former boss and most popular campaign activist, former President Barack Obama.

They will hold rallies in cities such as Flint and Detroit. Stevie Wonder, a native of Detroit, is expected to be the music guest of the evening.

Trump, 74, won the industrial state by a narrow margin of 0.2 points in 2016 — but this year the former vice president leads by nearly seven points, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polls.

This seems to give him a lead of 16 electoral votes, which is the 270 huge leap he needs to win the White House.

In the past week, Obama has been serving his former vice president, repeatedly criticizing Trump’s response to the pandemic in many rallies, especially in vital states such as Florida and Pennsylvania.

But Trump-who dismissed Obama’s rally being much smaller than his own-will personally travel to Pennsylvania on Saturday and hold three rallies in Pennsylvania, which shows the importance of the state on its way to 270 votes.

He won Hillary Clinton’s victory in 2016 in Pennsylvania, where Biden was born. Therefore, if he wishes to apply for another 20 votes, each vote will be held on November 3.

Biden will follow suit on Sunday and Monday, which clearly shows that his campaign also sees Keystone State as the absolute key to victory.

The elections were held in a very divided country, the feelings were so vibrant, and the polarization was so obvious that gun sales in certain areas soared. Law enforcement agencies have formulated contingency plans for possible violence.

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