Trump allies take Pennsylvania vote complaint to US Supreme Court

Trump allies take Pennsylvania vote complaint to US Supreme Court


WASHINGTON : Allies of President Donald Trump sought an emergency order Thursday from the US Supreme Court blocking the certification of election results in Pennsylvania, a key state won by President-elect Joe Biden.

The move comes after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit against the major northeastern states to expand mail voting rights.

In the motion filed on Thursday, the US Supreme Court is not currently required to make a ruling on the merits.

Instead, the plaintiff asked the court to issue an injunction order to suspend the remaining steps in the proof of the election that actually took place last week, so that the plaintiff could present his arguments. They include Mike Kelly, a Republican member of the House of Representatives.

The court is expected to respond quickly in writing and is not obliged to explain its ruling.

Trump still refuses to admit that he failed in the November 3 general election, accusing him of failing to provide evidence to prove widespread fraud in both voting and counting, and that the election was stolen by him.

The Trump campaign and Trump allies filed a series of lawsuits on the battlefield of his defeat in an effort to overturn the results. However, in more than 20 cases, the court rejected these lawsuits.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Bill Barr, a close ally of the president, confronted Trump and said there was no evidence of major fraud that invalidated Biden’s victory.

Trump appointed three conservatives to the nine-member court during his presidency and said right after the November election he was prepared to go all the way to that tribunal to defend what he called his re-election victory.

In the 2000 presidential election the high court halted a recount in Florida while George W. Bush held a 537-vote lead over Al Gore, handing Bush the presidency.

This time is different: There is not just one but several states that Trump is disputing and the margins of victory for Biden there are much larger than Bush’s was.

The Supreme Court is considered unlikely to risk its reputation by getting involved in the Pennsylvania suit, which would not change the overall outcome of the election anyway. 

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