Canada's main opposition party concedes defeat after PM Trudeau wins third term

Trudeau warns against vote split in tight Canada election


Brooklyn, Ontario: Two days before the vote on September 20, the Canadian general election was deadlocked. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Conservative rivals pleaded with supporters to stay the course and avoid splitting the vote. Let the opponent win.

On Saturday, both were campaigning in the same seat-rich Toronto area as they tried to defend against voter defections to the left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) and the populist People’s Party of Canada (PPC), both of which are polling.

The latest Sondage Leger poll conducted for the Montreal Daily and the National Post shows that the Conservative Party leads Trudeau’s Liberal Party by 1 percentage point, and the proportion of over 32% is 33%. The New Democracy Party is 19%, while the PPC is 6%.

Trudeau, 49, called an early election, seeking to convert approval for his government s handling of the pandemic into a parliamentary majority. But he is now scrambling to save his job, with Canadians questioning the need for an early election amid a fourth pandemic wave.

“Despite what the NDP likes to say, the choice is between a Conservative or a Liberal government right now,” Trudeau said in Aurora, Ontario. “And it does make a difference to Canadians whether we have or not a progressive government.”

Trudeau has spent two of the final three days of his campaign in Ontario where polls show the NDP could gain seats, or split the progressive vote.

A fierce competition may lead to the emergence of another minority government. The New Democratic Party is led by Jagmeet Singh to play the role of king. It also pays attention to the turnout rate, which has historically been low in favor of the Conservative Party.

The Ekos poll released on Saturday also showed that the major political parties are on a par, although the Liberal Party’s advantage is 30.6%, while the Conservative Party’s approval rate is 27.7%. At these levels, it seems unlikely that either party will reach the 170 seats required to obtain a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons.

According to opinion polls, the Liberal minority is the most likely outcome, and Trudeau was asked if this might be his last election. He replied: “There is still a lot of work to be done, and I am far from finished.”

If voters give Trudeau, who is the first election in 2015, the third term, they don’t like everything about him “it will only get worse,” Conservative Party leader erino Itoole told supporters on Saturday, calling him The party is the only choice for any dissatisfied Liberal party to dig PPC.

The PPC turned the anger against compulsory vaccination into surprising support. It may take votes from the Conservative Party in close constituency competitions, thereby helping the Liberal Party to win.

The election seemed an easy victory for Trudeau. His Liberal Party easily led the polls before being called, but due to the lack of election campaigns, the re-emergence of old scandals, and the public’s outrage over the timing. Become an unexpected obstacle.

“I wish it wasn t happening, to be honest,” said Connie Riordan, a voter in Cambridge, Ontario, who said she had switched to the Conservatives in advance voting from the Liberals.

On Saturday, the Liberals announced they would drop a candidate over a 2019 sexual assault charge that the party said was not disclosed to them. The candidate, a naval reservist running in an open Liberal seat in downtown Toronto, will not be a member of the Liberal caucus, if he is elected, the party said.

Earlier this month, Liberal member of parliament Raj Saini ended his re-election campaign amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards female staffers.

O Toole, 48, campaigned in Saini s district on Saturday, one of three Liberal ridings he is hoping to swing his way. Earlier, he appeared in a Conservative-held riding west of Toronto that was closely fought during the 2019 election.

The area’s member of Parliament, who is not running again, came under fire last spring for saying COVID-19 lockdowns were the “single greatest breach of our civil liberties since the internment camps during WW2.”

O Toole, who said he wants to get 90% of Canadians vaccinated, has refused to say who among Conservative Party candidates were. 

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