'Time for a change': Anti-racism protesters march across US

‘Time for a change’: Anti-racism protesters march across US


Washington: After the death of George Floyd, tens of thousands of peaceful protesters rallyed in various cities in the United States on Saturday to fight for racial justice as the movement triggered by his killing in the hands of the police entered second place Weekends.

The protests took place from New York to Los Angeles, but Washington was in the epicenter, because thousands of people (black, white, brown) flooded the downtown streets around the White House, which were surrounded by black metal fences.

“This fight has been happening for many, many decades, hundreds of years, and at this point it’s time for a change,” said Washington native Christine Montgomery.

“I’m here so my son is not the next hashtag that is circulating worldwide,” she added, indicating her 10-year-old child standing next to her.

On a sunny but sultry day, many people wear masks because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the grand party atmosphere in the area, volunteers distributed water, hand sanitizer and other supplies, including music, murals, food trucks and street vendors selling Black Lives Matter T-shirts.

As some protesters danced, the helicopter hovered overhead-but the pain that drove many people to the streets never disappeared, as others shouted: “This is not a party!”

Military personnel and police monitored the party. But it seems to be less than a few days ago. When the marchers passed by, some protesters smiled and waved.

On the National Mall, fences and uniformed guards prevented protesters from entering the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr published the famous “I Have “A dream” speech.

“Martin Luther King stood here, and after so many years we are back here with a new message of hope,” said Deniece Laurent-Mantey, 31.

The protest was ignited by videotape, when a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes while defending his life in Freud. This was the latest unarmed black man killed by white law enforcement officers.

The officer Derek Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder.

Since Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on May 25, anger has erupted, becoming the most serious civil unrest in the United States since Kim was assassinated in 1968.

On Saturday, peaceful protests proliferated in other cities in the United States: tens of thousands of rallies in New York City and Philadelphia; Chicago closed the iconic Lake Shore Boulevard to promote protests; demonstrators marched in Los Angeles.

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