TikTok announces more than $250 million in aid during Coronavirus crisis

TikTok announces more than $250 million in aid during Coronavirus crisis


San Francisco: TikTok, a viral video sharing application, said in a statement released Thursday that it announced more than $ 250 million in aid to various industries as the global coronavirus crisis continues to spread.

The short form of China’s mobile video platform stated that these funds are intended to help medical workers, educators, and local communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has 160 people worldwide at the time of the report. infected. Million people and killed over 97,000 people. 

TikTok President Alex Zhu, who explains the classification of financial assistance, said that $ 150 million will be provided by the Health Heroes Relief Fund to support emergency medical workers, supplies and medical personnel.

“We will be providing $50 million in grants to educators to help spread educational information in distance learning format,” Zhu added.

TikTok is owned by Chinese internet giant ByteDance and also works with global and local partners to distribute masks and other personal protective equipment to hospitals in disaster-stricken countries such as India, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea and the United States.

“We’re partnering with the CDC Foundation to donate $15 million toward supporting surge staffing for local response efforts … We’re also looking to assist global health workers, including our $10-million contribution to the WHO [World Health Organization] COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund,” Zhu said.

The viral video sharing application provides a multi-million dollar community fund to support school lunch programs in the United States and to help artists whose livelihoods are severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the company announced its commitment to provide $ 125 million in advertising credit to help organizations and businesses resume development.

He said, “We will go through this period of crisis together and build a better community and part of the world. We eagerly hope it will be more united in the previous goals.”

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