Thousands of Trump supporters again rally in Washington

Thousands of Trump supporters again rally in Washington


Washington: Thousands of Red Hat protesters ran on the streets of Washington on Saturday to support Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud, and the US Supreme Court’s rejection of him may be the last time he overturned the election results. The opportunity didn’t stop him.

Earlier in the day, in a festive atmosphere, thousands of people gathered near Freedom Square, just a few blocks from the White House, and there was a dispute between protesters and counter-demonstrators.

The police, some in riot suits, separated the group of people with their bodies and bicycles. There was also at least one clash between the police and counter-protesters.

According to local media reports, six people were arrested after five arrests related to fighting on Friday night.

Some pro-Trump demonstrators appeared on tactical equipment, chanting “America” ​​and “Four more years” for the outgoing president.

This is a fairly large crowd, but it is significantly smaller than the one rally a month ago, when 10,000 people gathered near the White House to support Trump.

“We’re not gonna give up,” said Luke Wilson, a sixty-something protester who had come all the way from the western state of Idaho.

“I believe there is a big injustice being done to the American people,” added Dell Quick, a regular at Trump’s political rallies. He brandished a flag defending gun rights.

Protesters offered no shortage of explanations for the results of the November 3 election won by Democrat Joe Biden, even though it has been affirmed by state election officials — several of them Republican — and by judges in several key states.

Every state has now certified Biden’s victory, giving the Democrat 306 votes in the Electoral College to Trump’s 232, with 270 required for election. Electors are to formally cast their votes Monday.

But protesters insisted, as Trump has repeatedly done, that there was widespread fraud in the election.

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