Thousands in pro-Palestinian protests in London, Madrid

Thousands in pro-Palestinian protests in London, Madrid


London: Thousands of protesters in London and Madrid marched in support of the Palestinians on Saturday due to the worst violent conflict in years between Israeli and Gaza militants.

In London, thousands of protesters held placards “Stop bombing Gaza” and chanted “Free Palestine”, gathered on the marble arch near the British capital Hyde Park, and marched towards the Israeli embassy.

In Madrid, some 2,500 people, many of them young people wrapped in Palestinian flags, marched to the Puerta del Sol plaza in the city center.

“This is not a war, it’s genocide,” They chanted.

“They are massacring us,” said Amira Sheikh-Ali, a 37-year-old of Palestinian origin.

“We’re in a situation when the Nakba is continuing in the middle of the 21st century,” she said, referring to the “catastrophe” word used by Palestinians to describe Israel’s creation in 1948, when hundreds of thousands fled or were driven out.

“We want to ask Spain and the European authorities not to collaborate with Israel, because with their silence, they are collaborating,” said Ikhlass Abousousiane, a 25-year-old nurse of Moroccan origin.

The demonstration took place during the worst Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the Gaza War in 2014.

Israel is fighting Hamas militants in Gaza, trying to contain the outbreak of the internal Jewish-Arab conflict and violence in the West Bank.

After Hamas, the Islamic ruler of Gaza, fired rockets at Jerusalem, Israel began its bombing on Monday.

This is a response to the bloody action taken by the Israeli police at the fire at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, as well as a protest against Israel’s plan to deport the Palestinian homes of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem annexed by the Palestinians. Of the suppression.

Health officials said that since Monday, Israeli airstrikes and artillery attacks on Gaza have killed 139 people, including 39 children, and injured 1,000 others.

Since then, Palestinian armed groups have fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, killing 10 people, including a child and a soldier. More than 560 Israelis were injured.

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