WHO provides Pakistan with safety equipment to combat COVID-19 1

WHO provides Pakistan with safety equipment to combat COVID-19


Islamabad: The World Health Organization (WHO) donated fifteen test machines and 15,000 test kits to Pakistan on Monday to fight against the corona virus.

The device was handed over to the National Disaster Management Agency at a formal ceremony in the federal capital.

In his speech, Dr. Palitha Gunarathna Mahapala, a representative of WHO, that world agencies have provided such equipment to support Pakistan’s efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. He also praised Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts to control the epidemic.

NDMA President Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal said the country has no personal protective equipment, as we are already able to meet national needs with local resources. He said that apart from the N-95 mask and all the personal protective equipment we have bought on the local market, we do not currently import personal protective equipment.

He said that we have provided the necessary equipment to all primary care physicians, nurses and other officers in 502 hospitals across the country. He said we are now ready to deliver 100,000 PPE to all hospitals every week.

Muhammad Afzal suggested that the provincial government conduct carpet testing in these areas. They fear that someone may be affected by corona in these areas. NDMA will provide the required capabilities in this regard. He said that there are currently 39 laboratories operating in the country and that we are working hard to build 27 other such facilities, which will be opened soon.

He said that more than 100 mobile laboratories are equipped with the necessary machines that can be sent to the affected areas for screening and testing. He said he planned to have more than 2,500 fans by the end of this month.

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