The US election campaign, with a week to go

The US election campaign, with a week to go


West Salem: President Donald Trump raised funds in the final wave of efforts to preserve the Midwestern states, while challenger Joe Biden intends to re-launch the Republican fortress, as anger against police violence broke out again.

Here is a look at what’s happening in America’s campaign on Tuesday, one week before November 3 Election Day:

Three states in a day

Trump has failed in the polls and has been struggling: On Tuesday, he held rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

“I’ve got to say I’m working my ass off here!” he boomed in Lansing, Michigan, eliciting a huge cheer.

Trump completed all three games in 2016-Michigan and Wisconsin were the keys to his shocking victories-but RealClearPolitics averages show that he is at least five points behind.

Meanwhile, first lady Melania was campaigning in Pennsylvania for the first time-Trump won another state four years ago, but Biden led the polls. She praised the president as a “warrior”.

Trump’s wife was originally scheduled to visit Erie, Pennsylvania last week, but she chose not to travel on the grounds that she would have a “continuous cough” after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Is Georgia playing?

Biden campaigned in the once reliable Republican state of Georgia, first in the town of Warm Springs, and then held a socially distancing driving party in Atlanta.

In the warm hot springs, he labeled the White House’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic as “surrender” and said Trump “shrugged, he swaggered and surrendered.”

Opinion polls show that Trump and Biden of Taoyuan State are on par.

1992 Bill Clinton-Georgia voted for the Democratic president nearly 30 years ago last year, but Biden’s campaign has turned over as the population lags younger and more diverse, with high hopes.

Obama returned to the ranks of the former vice president of Florida and said: “We have a week, Orlando. A week. A week, until the most important election in our life.”

Senator Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, hit Nevada, and Nevada went to Hillary Clinton in 2016. There, she told reporters that she and Biden believed they had to “win” votes.

New anger at the police killing

The intense anger caused by the police killing of ethnic minorities broke out again on Tuesday night, and protests took place in Philadelphia for the second day in a row. This was triggered by a fatal shooting by a police officer on a black.

Local media reported that because his mother questioned the need for lethal power and stated that he suffered from mental health problems, two police officers opened fire after refusing to release a knife when his mother refused to restrain him on Monday afternoon.

His girlfriend was also injured in the shooting. On Tuesday, she questioned the official version of the event and stated that she was seeking compensation.

Due to the uproar of indignation over repeated killings, violent protests rumbled across the United States for months this year.

Late Monday, during a night of sporadic riots and robberies in the city, hundreds of protesters were killed and about 30 policemen were injured. One of them was hit by a truck.

The candidates promised to respond completely differently, Trump vowed to “police” repression, and Biden promised to reform to deal with systemic injustice.

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