Terrifying riot footage dominates Trump trial

Terrifying riot footage dominates Trump trial


Washington: The prosecutors on Wednesday broadcast terrible, never-seen footage, depicting Donald Trump supporters fleeing senior American lives during the January attack on Congress on the second day of the former president’s Senate trial. political figure.

Through painstaking graphical demonstrations, Democratic managers led the senators to watch several hours of video, some of which came from security cameras and police body cameras, and were broadcast for the first time.

The purpose is to remind senators-and look at the Americans-how bad it got when a mob stormed into Congress on January 6th. Trump told the backlash near the White House that he failed to win re-election because of election fraud.

The ensuing chaos killed five people, including a woman who broke into the Capitol and was shot dead, and a policeman who was killed by a crowd.

A video played on the Senate floor shows the then Vice President Mike Pence – presiding over Joe Biden’s defeat of Trump’s appointment card in the Capitol – being kicked off by security personnel and his family stairs.

Democratic top senator Chuck Schumer narrowly avoided the pro-Trump mob. Moreover, Republican Senator Mitt Romney often opposed Trump and was turned into a hater by the president. At the last moment before the crowd approached, he was taken away by an official.

In the other part, the mob can be seen sweeping through Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and another frequent target of Trump’s most violent comments.

“Nancy, where are you Nancy?” protesters call as they search, not knowing that eight of her staff are barricaded behind a door in the same corridor. Pelosi herself had already been urgently evacuated.

“We know from the rioters themselves that if they had found Speaker Pelosi, they would have killed her,” impeachment manager, Stacey Plaskett said.

Trump s defense lawyers, who will present their arguments later this week, say that Trump cannot be personally blamed for the riot and that the entire trial is unconstitutional because he has already left office.

But impeachment managers said the links between Trump, his lies about election fraud, and the violence are clear.

Congress members “were put in danger because President Trump put his own desires, his own need for power, over his duty to the Constitution and our democratic process,” Plaskett said.

“President Trump put a target on their backs and his mob broke into the Capitol to hunt them down.”

The lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin said Trump “completely abdicated his duty.”

“Donald Trump surrendered his role as commander-in-chief and became the inciter-in-chief of a dangerous insurrection.”

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