Taylor Swift donates $13,000 to two mothers struggling through pandemic

Taylor Swift donates $13,000 to two mothers struggling through pandemic


American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has always been very concerned about people in need. In the past few years, she has donated to many small causes, such as various campaigns and parents’ efforts to pay hospital bills for their children.

This year, she donated US$26,000 again to help two mothers who are struggling in the pandemic and provide help to mothers in need.

Mother-of-two Nikki Cornwell and new mum Shelbie Selewski found themselves in dire straits this year when they both experienced major financial difficulties.

Nikki Cornwell is worried that she and her children will be homeless when rent falls behind.

Taylor donated $13,000 to Cornwell along with the following message: “Nikki, I read about you in the Washington Post and thought it was really brave of you to share your story.

“I’m so sorry for everything you’ve had to go through this year and wanted to send you this gift, from one Nashville girl to another. Love, Taylor.”

Shelbie Selewski also found herself in extreme difficulty after losing her job as a medical receptionist. Things only got worse when her newborn baby suffered a lung collapse.

Taylor found and donated another $13,000 to Selewski’s GoFundMe page and wrote: “Shelbie, I’m sending you this gift after reading about you in the Washington Post.

“No one should have to feel the kind of stress that’s been put on you. I hope you and your beautiful family have a great holiday season. Love, Taylor.”

Selewski and Cornwell are only two of people Taylor has donated to this year.

Early on in the pandemic Taylor donated to several fans when she found out they were financially struggling, even going so far as paying thousands towards one fan’s college tuition. 

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