Taliban warns of 'consequences' if US delays troop withdrawal

Taliban warns of ‘consequences’ if US delays troop withdrawal


Kabul: On Monday, Taliban spokesperson Dr. Suhail Shaheen warned the United States that if President Joe Biden delays the withdrawal of troops, there will be consequences.

In an interview with U.S. TV channels on Monday, he said: “This is a red line. President Biden announced on August 31 that they will withdraw all troops. So if they extend it, it means that they are in an unnecessary situation. To expand the occupation for this purpose.”

A Taliban spokesperson said that if the United States or the United Kingdom seek more time to continue the evacuation and there will be consequences, the answer is no.

“This will create mistrust between us. If they intend to continue the occupation, it will cause a reaction.”

Dr. Suhail Shaheen went on to say that the Taliban decided not to form a government in the presence of the United States, adding that once the United States completes its withdrawal, the cabinet will announce it.

The victory of the Taliban ended the two decades of war because they took advantage of the decision of US President Joe Biden to withdraw from the country and end the longest war in the United States.

Biden insisted that he hopes to end the US military presence and airlift by August 31. But because the European Union and the United Kingdom stated that it would be impossible for everyone to leave by then, Biden is under pressure to extend the deadline.

Biden said in a speech at the White House on Sunday that the possibility of extending the deadline is being discussed. He also admitted to the tragic scene at the airport, which also included babies and children being passed to soldiers through barbed wire, and men clinging to the departing plane. But he said they are part of the departure cost. “There is no way to evacuate so many people without the pain, loss and heartbreaking pictures you have seen,” he said.

Biden spoke after the Taliban, who held talks with elders and politicians to establish a government, violently withdrew. Taliban official Amir Khan Mutaki said: “The United States with all its power and facilities… failed to bring order to the airport.” “There is peace and calm throughout the country, but only Kabul Airport is in chaos. “

In the streets of the capital, the Taliban did perform a kind of calm, their armed forces patrolled the streets and stationed at checkpoints. From a visual point of view, they have also been seeking to brand their authority and ensure that the tricolor flag is replaced by their white flag.

On a roadside in Kabul this weekend, young people sold Taliban flags with Muslim declarations of faith and the official name of the regime: “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” “Our goal is to spread the banner of the Islamic Emirate throughout Afghanistan,” said Ahmad Shakib, a seller who studied economics at a university.

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