Afghan Taliban have right to speak in favor of Kashmiris: Spokesperson

Taliban takeover is world’s failure, says UK


London: The British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on Monday that the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan was a “failure of the international community” and he believed that Western intervention was only half done.

“We all know that Afghanistan is not over. This is an unresolved problem for the world, and the world needs to help it,” he told BBC TV.

He insisted that the US-led military intervention in the past 20 years was “not a waste, nor is it nothing”, but accused the Western powers of being politically shortsighted.

“If it fails, it is that the international community does not realize that you cannot solve the problem overnight,” he said.

Former US national security adviser HR McMaster, fired by former President Donald Trump in 2018, accused his country of “deliberate ignorance” because it did not realize that the Taliban would quickly take control.

Both Wallace and McMaster criticized an agreement reached by former US President Donald Trump that would allow the United States to withdraw all its troops by May 2021 in exchange for the security of Islamic radicals.

McMaster said the deal weakened the Afghan government and security forces and strengthened the Taliban, adding: “We stand by and turn a blind eye. This is completely predictable.”

John Bolton, who succeeded McMaster as national security adviser before being fired by Trump, said that the withdrawal made the United States look like a “fool” in Beijing, Moscow, Tehran and Pyongyang.

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