Taliban kill 10 mine-clearing workers: Afghan interior ministry

Taliban kill 10 mine-clearing workers: Afghan interior ministry


Kunduz: The Afghan Ministry of Interior said on Wednesday that the Taliban had shot and killed at least 10 mine-clearing workers in the Baghlan province of northern Afghanistan. This is the latest attack on this violent country.

“The Taliban entered a compound of a mine-clearing agency… and started shooting everyone,” interior ministry spokesman Tareq Arian told reporters.

Baghlan governor’s spokesman Jawed Basharat told AFP the incident happened late Tuesday in an area controlled by government forces, and that the attackers were wearing masks.

Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world, a legacy of decades of conflict.

Fierce fighting has taken place in Baghlan Province in recent months, with Taliban and government forces fighting almost daily in several areas.

Since the US military began its last withdrawal on May 1, violent incidents have surged across the country.

In several areas where fighting has been fierce in recent months, insurgents planted bombs and mines on the roadside to strike against government forces, but these explosives often caused civilian casualties.

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