Taliban ask to address UN General Assembly: UN spokesman

Taliban appreciate Pakistan, other countries for sending aid to Afghanistan


Kabul: Afghan Interim Foreign Minister Molvi Amir Khan Muttaqi said on Tuesday thanked Pakistan, Qatar, China and the United Arab Emirates for sending humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

At a press conference in Kabul on Tuesday, he said: “We have received assistance from Qatar, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Thanks to all these countries.”

He said that some countries provide assistance on their own terms. We hope to maintain good relations with all countries, but we will not be pressured by any country.

The interim Afghan FM also appealed to the international community to assist the newly formed government of the Emirate in different sectors through financial aid and technical support.

The Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Morvi Amir Khan Mutaki, on Tuesday urged Afghan diplomats and officials who had served under the previous regime to return and resume work.

The minister spoke to reporters here and said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will not oppose them to perform their duties.

Molvi Muttaqi assured that all officials employed by the previous government, including those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, should come and resume their duties.

“We call on all diplomatic missions in Afghanistan and diplomats in foreign embassies to resume their functions and responsibilities as usual. They are our representatives and they should continue as usual. We will not oppose them,” he emphasized.

The appeal was issued after the Taliban worked hard to resolve and overcome all problems in the operation of the new provisional institutions.

In response to inquiries, the Minister of Foreign Affairs further insisted that this principle applies to all former government employees, and they urged them to report and continue operations as usual.

Regarding relations with the international community, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that the newly established provisional institutions of the Islamic Emirate will have no problem dealing with any country.

However, he made it clear that he would not tolerate any threats to impose an embargo on Afghanistan and expressed his willingness to hold friendly talks with all countries.

He reiterated that the new Afghan government hopes to establish good relations with all countries.

Regarding the issue of recognizing the Taliban government, Mutaki said that he has not seen any country officially recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

He said that the Taliban government has held many meetings with representatives and officials of neighboring countries.

He said that these countries have expressed certain concerns and made some suggestions to them, adding that the Taliban government is solving these problems.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs further elaborated his views. He said that every country has its own foreign policy, and if they are willing to recognize the Islamic emirate, they will be welcomed.

The Afghan minister further stated that the Taliban had completely controlled their homeland and dismissed any concerns about internal conflicts in the country, saying that “this is a good omen for the whole world.”

“The Islamic Emirate will do its best to provide this kind of assistance to those in need in a completely transparent manner,” Mutaki said.

He also asked Washington to express gratitude to the Taliban for allowing the United States to complete the withdrawal and evacuate more than 120,000 people last month.

“The United States is a big country, and they need to have a big heart,” he said.

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