Talal Chaudhry 'beaten up' for alleged harassment of PML-N MNA

Talal Chaudhry ‘beaten up’ for alleged harassment of PML-N MNA


FAISALABAD: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader and former MNA Talal Chaudhry was hospitalized after being beaten by another PML-N MNA brother for allegedly harassing her.

According to the source, at 3 am on September 23, Talal Chaudhry called 15 policemen to seek help from Abdullah Garden Town Faisalabad and dispatched them immediately. A team at checkpoint 208. At the same time, Ayesha Rajab Baloch also beat 15 people.

The source said that Ayesha Baloch told the police by phone that there were some suspicious people outside her house and she felt threatened. Soon after, the police arrived at the scene.

Soon after, other PML-N workers and leaders also arrived. When the police arrived soon, they saw Talal Chaudhry injured next to him.

According to sources, Talal Chaudhry was beaten badly, with a broken shoulder and a broken arm. It is said that the two MNAs have maintained a good relationship in the past, but then they broke off.

Police sources said that the former National Army had been transferred to a private hospital in Lahore in a critical condition.

In a video recorded after the incident, Talal Chaudhry said that he was asked to deal with party organizational affairs. After arriving at the house, his arm was broken, his cell phone was robbed, and a violent video was taken.

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