Syrian constitution talks stumble at UN

Syrian constitution talks stumble at UN


Geneva: Negotiations on a new Syrian constitution are deadlocked this week, and the UN mediator concluded on Friday: “We cannot continue like this.”

The fifth round of discussions between the 15 representatives of President Bashar Assad’s government, opposition and civil society was held at the United Nations in Geneva for the entire week, with little progress.

“I told the 45 members of the drafting body that we can t continue like this. That the week has been a disappointment,” said UN envoy Geir Pedersen, voicing his frustration.

“I set out a few things I thought we should be able to achieve before we started this meeting — and I m afraid we did not.”

The Syrian Constitutional Council (SCC) was established in September 2019 and convened for the first time a month later.

The preliminary discussions aimed to rewrite the constitution of the war-torn country. It is hoped that the talks can pave the way for a broader political process.

Pedersen said the opposition suggested that this process should be advanced this week, but it was opposed by the Assad delegation.

Then, he put forward his own proposal, which was accepted by the opposition, but also rejected by the government.

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