SC issues written order to demolish Nasla Tower

Supreme Court orders demolition of Karachi’s Nasla Tower


The Supreme Court has ordered the authorities to demolish the Nalsa Tower at Sharae Quaideen in Karachi.

The Supreme Court resumed hearing petitions against urban encroachment at the Karachi Registry on Wednesday.

“Who is the front man responsible for the illegal construction,” Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan asked the builder’s lawyer, Barrister Salahuddin.

“We have a report prepared by the commissioner of Karachi.”

He said that according to the report, 341 square yards of land were occupied.

Barrister Salahuddin replied that the additional land was leased by the Sindhi Muslim Association.

The judge asked: “At that time, the society didn’t even have a name, so how could it issue a lease.” “You don’t have any additional leases.”

The lawyer argued that the new “triangular plot” constructed in the area damaged the Sharae Quaideen service lane.

In response, the court required him to produce the lease documents again. “The Karachi Metropolitan Company issued these documents to the society, and they gave them to us,” Salahuddin replied.

The judge said that those who gave you the documents did not have the right to do so, which is why Karachi became a victim of “Chinese cutting.”

‘China cutting’ refers to slicing plots from parks and amenity lands, and converting them into residential and commercial properties that are sold off for huge profits.

The court rejected the builder’s request for a review and ruled the building be demolished immediately.

Nasla Tower is located at the intersection of Sharae Faisal and Sharae Quaideen. An apartment in the project roughly costs Rs30 million.

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