Students harassed in Karachi University's premises in shocking incident

Students harassed in Karachi University’s premises in shocking incident


Karachi: A shocking incident involving the cruel harassment and intimidation of students on the campus of Karachi University (KU) has caused a shock wave on social media and raised concerns about campus safety.

The case surfaced last night when a male student, who had been accompanying two female friends in a car, shared his ordeal on social media. 

According to the student’s statement, the three were traveling on the KU campus and put one of the female students in the IBA dormitory.

On the way back from the dormitory, the remaining two students were surrounded by about 10 young men riding quad bikes.

According to reports, the harassers have been following the car, yelling at the female students, and at some point forcing the car to stop until the driver of the car can break free and reach the safety checkpoint.

The narrator said that both students felt extremely insecure, and in his post called the torture “another possible highway accident.”

According to the statement provided by the student, the age of the suspected harasser was 15 to 25 years old.

Dr. Moeez Khan, a security consultant at Karachi University, noticed the incident and regretted that the incident took place in the university’s school building. He said that the suspected harassment incident was discovered last night.

He said that the victim will have to identify the harasser in the procession so that the university can further handle the case.

He said that “actions will be taken in accordance with the law.”

“The identified suspects are minors and children of university staff,” he revealed.

Following the incident, #KarachiUniversityIsNotSafe became a top trend on Twitter, with users demanding prompt action from the management.

“We want KU to take immediate, strict action against the recent incident. It could’ve been worse. It could’ve have been really bad, God forbid. Don’t let it slide easily. We need to get the hashtag to trending for officials to take this seriously,” a social media user wrote on Twitter.

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