Shahid Khaqan Abbasi blames PM Imran, cabinet for sugar crisis

State agency helped PM Khan win vote of confidence: Abbasi


PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said on Tuesday that State institutions helped Prime Minister Imran Khan win vote of confidence in the National Assembly last week.

“The vote of confidence that PM took, he didn’t take it but the country’s institutions got him that,” Abbasi told reporters in Islamabad.

PM Khan took the vote of confidence after his party’s candidate for the Senate’s Islamabad’s seat lost the election to PDM’s Yousaf Raza Gillani.

Abbasid Party leader Maryam Nawaz claimed two days ago that the PTI National Party should relinquish the right to vote to Khan.

“It has come to our knowledge that the two [PTI] MNAs who didn’t agree to vote for him [PM Khan] till the eleventh hour, they were taken to a compound of an institution in Golrah,” Maryam said on March 7.

“They were locked in a container for four hours and compelled to give vote to PM Khan.”

“It is unfortunate for the country that its prime minister is standing [there] with the support of intelligence institutions,” the former premier said.

The former Prime Minister said, “Unfortunately, the Indian Prime Minister was there with the support of intelligence services.”

He said he will write to ISPR DG and remind him of his promise not to get involved in politics.

“In my personal capacity, I am thinking about writing to the DG ISPR that you promised there will be no interference in politics but what we saw in the Senate election, it was contrary to what you said,” he remarked.

“We made it clear before and saying again, the army has nothing to do with politics,” the ISPR DG said. “Those who are talking about it, I’m requesting them not to bring the army into this.”

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