Spain virus death toll tops 4,000 1

Spain virus death toll tops 4,000


Madrid: The Ministry of Health said on Thursday that the number of coronavirus deaths in Spain peaked at 4,089 after 655 deaths within 24 hours.

That’s an increase of 19% compared to data released by the Spanish authorities on Wednesday, with Spain being the second largest country to die of the disease after Italy.

The Department of Health said the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has increased to 56,188.

Despite a national blockade on March 14, parliament agreed on Thursday to extend it to April 11, and the number of deaths and infections continues to rise, officials warned that the situation will be particularly bad this week.

However, the number of new deaths rose less than the increase recorded on Wednesday, when the number rose by 738 or 27%.

Health authorities hope that lock-in has the desired effect and that it will soon become clear.

The Madrid region was the first to be hit by the epidemic, infecting 17,166 cases, accounting for only a third of the total and 2,090 deaths, accounting for 51% of the country.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s wife, who is infected with the virus, said it is the most difficult time in the country since the 1936-39 civil war.

“Only the oldest, who knew the hardships of the civil war and its aftermath, can remember collective situations that were harsher than the current one. The other generations in Spain have never, ever had to face as a collective something so hard,” he said when he imposed the state of emergency on March 14.

Spain’s demographics partly explain why Spain has been one of the most affected countries.

The country has one of the longest living countries in Europe and the epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to the large elderly population, who are particularly vulnerable to the disease.

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