SpaceX launches next-generation Dragon cargo ship to space station

SpaceX launches next-generation Dragon cargo ship to space station


Orlando: The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket propelled the next-generation SpaceX cargo ship into Sunday’s orbit. This is the first in a new, more spacious and more powerful series of Dragon capsules equipped with the company’s Crew Dragon astronaut ferry Many more advanced systems used.

According to a follow-up contract from the International Aeronautics and Space Administration, the company’s 21st aircraft will be transported to the International Space Station. This is the new Cargo Dragon carrying 6,500 pounds of crew supplies, spare parts, scientific equipment and other equipment, including commercial airlocks. For airborne experiments.

Unlike the original Dragon cargo ship that had to be captured by the space station’s robotic arm to berth, Dragon 2 was designed to fly itself until it docked with the same port used by the crew Crew Dragon spacecraft. But unlike the cargo ship version, the cargo ship is not equipped with a seat or emergency stop system.

Due to bad weather, the long-awaited mission began at 11:17 am Eastern Standard Time, when nine first-stage Merlin 1D engines of the Falcon 9 were angered by the fire and pushed the 229-foot-tall rocket. Pad 39A from the Kennedy Space Center.

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