Soleimani’s successor will face same fate if he kills Americans Iran warned 1

Soleimani’s successor will face same fate if he kills Americans Iran warned


Dubai: The US Special Representative in Iran says that Cassam Solemani’s successor was killed in an American drone attack and that he would suffer the same fate if he followed the same path as killing Americans.

Washington has accused Soleimani of orchestrating an attack on US troops in the region by militias associated with Iran. US President Donald Trump ordered a drone attack on Iraq on January 3 after tensions about Iran’s nuclear program increased.

Iran has responded to the murder of Soleimani, accused of expanding Tehran’s influence in the Middle East and carrying out missile attacks on US targets in Iraq, although no US soldiers were killed.

After Soleimani’s death, Tehran quickly appointed Esmail Ghaani as the new head of the German army. The German army is an elite unit of the Revolutionary Guard, which handles operations abroad. The new commander promised to continue Solemani’s course.

“If Esmail Ghaani kills Americans in the same way, Brian Hook told the Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat” Destination. “

He said in an interview in Davos that US President Donald Trump has made it clear that “every attack on Americans or American interests will receive a decisive answer.”

“This is not a new threat. The president has always said that he will always respond decisively to protect US interests,” Hook said. “I think the Iranian regime now understands that they cannot attack the United States and get rid of it.”

After the appointment, Ghaani promised to “continue on this clear path of Soleimani” and stated that the aim was to expel American troops from the region, which is Iran’s consistent policy.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have steadily increased since Trump withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers in 2018 and imposed severe press sanctions to combat the Iranian economy.

This month’s military outbreak began in December when a rocket fired at an American base in Iraq killed an American contractor. Washington blames pro-Iranian militias and launches air strikes, killing at least 25 soldiers. Two days after the militia surrounded the US ambassador to Baghdad, Trump ordered a drone attack on Soleimani.

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