Sindh reports nine more cases, Pakistan tally rises to 254


The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Sindh rose to 181 on Wednesday after the province reported a further 9 cases, causing the country to die in 254.

“143 tests of the 290 that we conducted came back positive,” Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab told a press conference. “All of these had been shifted from Taftan to quarantine in Sukkur.”

“147 of these are negative, while two have been discharged after making a full recovery” he added. 

Wahab added that all the affected people have been kept in isolation.

Speaking about the number of testing kits available, Wahab said the federal government had provided the federal government with 200 testing kits. “Out of the kits provided, 100 kits were given to Aga Khan and the remaining to Dow University Ojha campus. The Sindh government had imported 1,000 kits,” he said.

“On the government level, we have conducted 844 tests. Tests are being done in Aga Khan, Indus Hospital and Dow University,” Wahab said. “506 tests have been conducted in Aga Khan, 277 in at Indus and 61 at Dow University Ojha campus.”

Criticising the federal government on their response to the epidemic, Wahab said the prime minister should take the epidemic seriously.

“Yesterday’s address by the prime minister shows what his priorities are. The provincial government has repeatedly asked the federal government to take a proactive role,” he noted.

The spokesman answered the question that the hospital is not closed. One of the most important tasks of hospital staff. We have to make sure they don’t get tired. He added.

Wahab replied that a five-member committee had been set up to oversee the fund. The name Mushtaq Chapra, Dr. Bari, Faisal Edhi has been suggested. Chapra and Bari agreed. Edhi did not reply.

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