Sindh, KP governments to provide ration for coronavirus patients' families 1

Sindh, KP governments to provide ration for coronavirus patients’ families


KARACHI/PESHAWAR: The governments of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Monday announced rations for families of people who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has directed for ration packages — including 20 kilogrammes worth of flour, 10 kilos each of rice and sugar, a carton of one-litre milk, five kilos of pulses, and five boxes of tea — to be provided to the coronavirus affectees’ families, a notification issued by the KP government’s Relief Department read.

The provincial health service collects information from the recipient, including the address, and the deputy commissioner in question distributes the government package. The Ministry of the Interior will also keep the records in this regard.

Earlier today, KP Health Minister Taimur Khan Jhagra confirmed that the government “received the message: 15 of the 19 people who received KP from Kaf were positive for the Corona virus” and were “in KP The first positive case.”

On the other hand, Murad Ali Shah, the Prime Minister of Sindh, led the provision of rations to families living in the Sukkur isolation center.

“Your breadwinners are in isolation, you must be worried about daily income,” Shah said. “Don’t worry about those in isolation centre; focus on your health instead.”

He added that leadership in Sindh doesn’t make you hungry. He stressed to the local minister that rations without media coverage should be distributed among the pilgrim homes.

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