Sindh government allows businesses to operate from 6am to 5pm

Sindh government allows businesses to operate from 6am to 5pm


Karachi: The Sindh provincial government on Sunday allowed the Merchants Union to negotiate successfully with Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and resume all market activities in the province from tomorrow.

According to Hamad Poonawala, the head of traders, shopping centers and shopping centers will continue to close, while the province ’s markets will open from 6 am to 5 pm.

A spokesman for the Sindh government said: “The store will open tomorrow from 06:00 am to 05:00 pm.” And added that the store will be closed from 4pm.

The spokesperson further stated that a consensus was reached between the trader and the provincial government SOP.

The Chief Minister of Sindh said in the videotape that the government ’s top priority is public health and safety.

“We talk to the federal government from time to time. We have reservations about opening the airport and public transportation.” “The federal government wants to open for business at night, but we refused.”

The Chief Minister said: “The Federal Government has accepted the proposal” and added that it is our responsibility to close the business.

He added: “This decision was made by all four provinces.”

The Chief Minister further stated that they were trying to obtain loans for small businesses and issued a decree in this regard. “The governor sent the regulations back to us, and we will resend the regulations after making changes.”

Earlier, the Sindh provincial government rejected reports that the province had lifted the blockade since Monday.

CM House ’s Twitter processing tweet said: “[CM] Murad made it clear that Sind Group will not end the lockout on Monday. We will enter the second phase of the lockout, but there will be some additional restrictions, especially in hot spots.”

The post mentions that this statement was issued because some media channels “impress that the blockade will end on Monday, which is completely wrong.”

However, he said: “Slight exemptions will be granted for certain industries, such as the second phase of construction, and will allow isolated shops in the neighborhood to operate in accordance with government-issued SOPs.”

He flatly mentioned that “air, train and public transportation will continue to remain closed”.

Shah (CM Shah) said: “Our blockade is related to our data.” He added that the health capacity of Sindh is currently 20%.

Shah said: “We will continue to adjust the protection measures according to our capabilities.”

The provincial government has obtained conditional permission to start online business from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 3pm.

The Ministry of the Interior issued a five-page notice saying that the most important thing is that the company must ensure that it will “commit to conducting business completely online / by phone.”

Then, they must “give this commitment before starting the business and should apply to all persons engaged in such business, including the owner, the owner, and their employees / workers, delivery personnel, etc.”.

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