Sindh Culture Day being celebrated today

Sindh Culture Day being celebrated today


Karachi: Sindh Culture Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and enthusiasm throughout the province and other parts of the country.

This time, various cultures, governments and non-governmental organizations are holding seminars, assemblies and conferences to highlight the century-old culture of the Sindh Valley.

The traditional block print shawl is paired with Sindhi topi and ajrak wearing cultural dresses to show the rich culture of Sindh with hundreds of years of history.

A large number of people including political workers, leaders, NGOs, students, laborers, villagers, associations, and workers were purchasing the traditional Topi and Ajrak to mark the day.

As the demand for Topi and Ajrak was soaring, the shopkeepers also raised the prices.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has said that the Indus civilisation is the crown of Pakistan and Sindh’s Culture is in fact a message of unity and harmony.

In his message on the eve of Sindh Culture Day being observed today, he said that this was the day of youth who are the real heir of this rich heritage.

Regarding SAPM for political communication, Dr. Shahbaz Gill also congratulated the people of Sindh on the Culture Day in a tweet.

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