SHC expresses anger at Sindh, local govts over Karachi situation

SHC expresses anger at Sindh, local govts over Karachi situation


Karachi: Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday expressed anger at provincial and local government over situation of Karachi after recent rains.

According to the specific circumstances, the Chief Judge of the Shanghai Higher Court said that the sinking of Karachi in the monsoon was a huge tragedy due to the garbage problem. CJ Khadim Hussain Shaikh added that houses and people’s property were destroyed in the rain, and people in this city could not even expel their children from their homes.

The court immediately summoned relevant officials and pointed out that the various agencies are taking responsibility for each other’s situation in Karachi.

It should be mentioned here that at least 5 people were electrocuted, Karachi (Rachi) was hit by heavy rain and one of them fell into the drain.

The third heavy rain in Karachi has flooded the low-lying areas, while Surjani Town, Clifton, Gadap Town, Garden Town, Federal District B and Jamshed Road have also been flooded.

More than 300 K-electric feeders also tripped, causing power outages in Gulshan Iqbal, Liaquatabad, North Karachi, Landhi and Buffer Zone.

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