Sharjah Abbco tower fire probably caused by cigarette butt, shisha coals

Sharjah Abbco tower fire probably caused by cigarette butt, shisha coals


Dubai: A senior police officer said that the recent fire in the Abbco Tower in Sharjah is almost certainly caused by discarded cigarettes or hookah coals.

“The fire was caused 90 percent either by a cigarette butt or Shisha coals, which had been discarded in the corridor of the first floor,” Acting Director General of Police Operations and head of forensic laboratory Brigadier Ahmed Haji Al-Sarkal said.

“It was thrown from upper floors and settled on the 10th floor (the first residential floor after nine levels of parking), where the fire started,” he added.

Some people were slightly injured in the accident and more than 250 families were evacuated and placed in hotels.

Al-Serkal said the fire broke out in this 48-storey building, which damaged 333 apartments, 233 of which were still closed and will be opened in the presence of the owner.

He added that police have so far inspected 100 apartments, 26 of which have been completely destroyed, 34 have been affected by water and smoke, and 40 doors have been damaged.

Most likely cause of Sharjah fire revealed, cladding for up to 150 ...

The debris from the fire damaged 16 vehicles around the building. Another 17 vehicles in the parking lot of the building were damaged.

Sharjah Civil Defense Colonel Sami Khamis Al-Naqbi (Sami Khamis Al-Naqbi) Director said the Abbco tower is equipped with 2016 bans in Sharjah buildings over 23 meters The emirate’s outer walls, now 150 buildings in the emirate these should replace.

The cladding in the building is the outer layer of the building, which provides thermal insulation and serves as an aesthetic aspect.

“Sharjah Civil Defence is now considering a programme to get buildings to replace old cladding and even help building owners conduct replacements and find alternative materials at a reduced cost,” Al-Naqbi said.

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