Ramadan moon sighted in Pakistan

Shaban moon not sighted, Shab-e-Barat to be observed on March 29


Islamabad: The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced that the country did not see the Shaban moon in the country on Sunday, and that Shaban’s first moon will land on Monday, March 16.

The announcement was made after a meeting of the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee on Sunday in connection with the sighting of the moon of Shaban, 1442 AH with chairman Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad in chair.

The Shab-e-Barat would be observed on March 29 (Monday).

Shaban is the eighth month of the Islamic calendar. The fifteenth night of this month is known as the “Night of Records” (Shab-e-Barat). However, observance of this day is disputed.

Shaban is significant for many reasons. First, it is the time that Muslims start getting ready for the month of Ramadan. It was in the middle of the month of Shaban when Muslims believe that almighty Allah ordered holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to change the Qiblah, the direction towards which Muslims face when they pray, from Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to the Holy Kaabah in Mekkah.

Al-Aqsa Mosque was a worshiper in Mekkah for 13 years, and it has been almost 18 months since the Prophet Mohammed moved to Madina.

The poems in the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, instructing him and all Muslims to turn to Kaabah in Mecca during prayer. Most explanations trace this incident back to the middle of Shaaban.

Traditions of Prophet Mohammed show that it is recommended to fast during Shaaban.

Well-known companion of the prophet Anas bin Malik reported that Prophet Mohammed was asked: “Which fast is the most meritorious after the fasting of Ramadan?”

Prophet Mohammed replied, “Fasting of Shaaban in honor of Ramadan.”

Fasting in Ramadan is like the spiritual and physical training of fasting in Ramadan. Many Muslims may encounter difficulties when they start fasting in Ramadan, but if they start fasting for a few days in Shaaban, their bodies may become accustomed to fasting without feeling lethargic and weak when Ramadan comes.

Shaaban is like an introduction to Ramadan. It has some things in common with Ramadan, such as fasting, reciting the Quran and charity.

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